Soy Candles

Abigail's Natural Soy Candles

 Our natural soy candles have become a real favorite, we love the scents and test each one for excellent scent throw.  We chose soy wax because it burns clean and has a long burning time, about 10 hours pr. oz. Soy also cleans up easily with hot soapy water making the container reusable.

Our 8 oz.Jelly Jar is $10.00 and our 4 oz Jelly Jar is $6.50 

The Apothecary Jar is so cute and comes in two sizes as well.  The large Apothecary Jar holds 8 1/2 oz. of wax and retails for $12.00.  The small Apothecary Jar holds 3 oz. and retails for $6.50.

All our candles are available in the following scents.

Yummy Baked Goods: 

 Baked Apple Pie, Chestnuts and Brown Sugar, Coffee Caramel Cream, 
Creme Brulee, French Vanilla, Grandma's Zucchini Bread,
 Hazelnut Toffee and Lemon Meringue Pie.      

Fresh and Fruity:   

Monkey Farts, Pear Berry, Pomegranate and Cherry Amaretto.

Nature Scents:  

 Mountain Juniper, Sage & Citrus and Balsam Fir.


Fresh Cut Roses

All our candles are available to order by phone 503-554-8472 or thru our etsy shop


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